What do the neighbors think when you put your home on the market and it has a sold sign on it in a week?  
That was the thought that came to mind as I just left a Oklahoma City listing that Nancy was showing to a couple relocating from out of state.
The home was very updated with new heat air, a new roof, and many more features that would probably loose your attention.

The point is
 that the home was priced in the low 60's per square foot in a very nice neighborhood in Northwest Oklahoma City.  Priced low enough that you could buy it and not change a thing and still have a home that would be a good investment.  I don't think this house will be in Oklahoma City's MLS system very long.

So what do the neighbors think, when a house down the street sells?  I know what I would be thinking.  How much did it sell for?  Would my home sell as quick?  What did the inside look like?  What's my home worth?  Did this sale bring my value down or increase it?

Just a thought as the year goes by:
Rick Jackson W/ Paradigm AdvantEdge