Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable cities as quoted in Forbes November 2, 2010.  With our low unemployment rate, and solid job market, Oklahoma City has also been referred to one of the most recession proof Cities in the United States. 

Oklahoma City is the crossroads for I-40 and I-35.  If you are traveling from Washington DC to Los Angeles California by car, chances are you will be crossing through Oklahoma City via I-40.  The interstate going through Oklahoma City has been widened and streamlined.

Devon’s new office tower will stand above Oklahoma City's other buildings as one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi.Devon Tower

As most of you know the Oklahoma City NBA team called the Thunder is coming on strong as far as local sports entertainment goes. Oklahoma City’s new maps III project has kicked off and the Outlet Mall is under construction.

Along with all the fun and shopping, Oklahoma City has some excellent  health care facilities such as the Oklahoma Heart Hospital and the Integris Cancer Institute.

Even if Oklahoma City wasn’t one of the most affordable Cities as Forbes mentioned, I would probably still live here.  The cost of living and the economy are just the icing on the cake.

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