I recently sent out a home buyer's survey on facebook and another blog site asking 5 questions with multiple choice answers about home buyers in Oklahoma.  Although at the time of this post, there weren’t a huge number of responses, but the results were what I was hoping for. 

1.   All those who took the Survey were people who owned homes.

2.   75% of the survey indicated they thought they knew someone who would buy a home in Oklahoma in the next year.

3.   There was a 50/50 split on if the Oklahoma housing market would get back on track? The answers were ½ yes, and ½ didn’t know.

            4. 5o% thought that a buyer’s agent charged the buyer 6% or more to help them purchase real estate.

            5. And all those who took the survey didn’t think they would be buying another home in within the next year.

The conclusion from the survey about Oklahoma buyers was that there are a lot of potential buyers who think Realtors charge a fee to represent them as a buyer’s agent.  It’s great to know there are many people thinking about buying a home with the low interest rates and a large inventory of homes available, but I was a little shocked that a lot of potential buyers think that Realtors charge them a fee.

The survey is still active on my Life in Oklahoma Blog Spot.  Feel free to take it. 

Rick and Nancy Jackson:

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