Open houses in Oklahoma always are different to me.  After planning and posting notices on web sites, deciding what to wear, and putting pointer signs out, we may receive multiple sets of Home near Piedmontlookers at one time.  Sometimes you are fortunate if one person shows up. Sometimes I bake cookies and just read or watch TV on my laptop for something to pass away the time.

Although success of an open house is often measured by quantity, it doesn't necessarily mean the house will sell. I"m not a pushy Realtor that thinks anyone looking at the property that I'm opening should buy it. To me, it's more about the right person for the property. I offer my assistance and leave the buyers alone while welcoming them to ask me any questions that I may be qualified to answer.

A lot of times neighbors in the addition will venture over to see what the house looks like and I welcome their input. These neighbors also can update you about the community events, school systems, and many other things you can't find out by reading the paper or watching the news.

A lot of lookers are first time home buyers. I love to work with them. Many times they just have to get their feet wet buy looking a homes and talking to a Realtor to see what they need to do just to get ready to go house shopping. I also have people that think the listing price is too high, yet they still look and never make an offer of what they think it should sell for. If you like it, it doesn't cost anything to make an offer. I have had people just looking, especially in the new homes to see what the latest architecture is like because they are custom building and just want ideas.

Open house is just what it says it is. Open house.  A chance for families and individuals to explore a new home.  Feel free to come visit any time we have an open house.  We would love to meet you.

People are what we are about.

Rick and Nancy

Where Dreams Do Come True