Buyer's top ten reasons they should use a Buyer's Agent.  I can't take credit for this post.  It's based on what we, the Realtor should already know.  Sometimes buyers get taken in by listing agents that are trying so hard to sell a property for their client, that they don't remember all the things that could prevent buyers from getting into a mess.
  1. A Buyer's Agent is an advocate on your behalf.
  2. A Buyer's Agent will help provide information about the properties value at the time of closing.
  3. A Buyer's Agent will write the offer you want to make, instead of offering suggested price.
  4. A Buyer's Agent will write the offer on your terms as far as deadlines and closing dates.
  5. A Buyer's Agent will hold the Listing Agent accountable to the National Code of Ethics.
  6. A Buyers' Agent will walk you through each step of the buying process after an offer has been accepted.
  7. A Buyer's Agent will find you another home, if the offer is not accepted or work with you on a counter offer should you choose to do so.
  8. A Buyer's Agent will advise you as to the inspections you a have a right to have.
  9. A Buyer's Agent will attend all inspections with you.
  10. A Buyer's Agent does not charge a buyer for their services.
You wouldn't go to court without a professional representing you.  Why would you go into a legal Real Estate deal without a professional representing you?  Your Buyer's Agent purpose is to make your transaction as smooth and stress free as possible for you. Your not just getting the benefits of a Real Estate Agent, your getting the support of an established Broker.  Always insist on a single party broker's agreement when working with a buyer's agent.

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