Oklahoma City and Edmond Realtors and social networking.  Connecting is what Oklahoma Real Estate is about.  Nancy and I just got back after having a wonderful evening dining at the Paseo Grill and watching  Social Network at the Cinemark Tinsel Town Theater.  Social Network is a movie about the development of Facebook.

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends and family.  You can invite people to parties, express your thoughts or advertise on Facebook.  Sometimes I will post a link to a blog on Facebook. Passing new information through the internet and connecting with as many people as you can may be the theme of many real estate agents and brokers.

It is our desire to keep you informed and help you feel comfortable while you learn more about the Oklahoma City and Edmond area Real Estate market.  In the older days, buyers had to go to a Realtor's office and look through a listing book.  The book was only as up to date as the Broker who maintained it.  It probably took several days for listings to get to the book, and listing status was only as good as the associate that kept in touch with all parties involved.  It's hard to imagine with today's technology that the system worked, but it did.  It was a hard process of finding and selling a home.

Even in today's market, we sometimes find listing status not always up to date.  We struggle with computer issues and technology set backs, but the Real Estate Social network is very informative.  Sometimes it is thought to be informative enough, that clients tend to not contact agents, and do most of the work their selves. It's a great way to explorer inventory and compare pricing, but it doesn't keep you as up to date as a professional Realtor.  Communication with a Realtor could prevent clients form learning some very hard lessons and feeling embarrassed as well as investment loss. 

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