Oklahoma Real Estate

I just received a call from a young lady who was interested in buying a home for the first time.  She didn’t want to miss out on the 1st time home buyer tax incentive, but someone had told her to wait because they might be extending or better yet, coming out with a much better deal.  She didn’t know what to do.

I told her I had no way of knowing what they would do and even though there were several petitions and special interest groups lobbying for a better incentive for next year, or at the very least an extension of this one, nothing looked certain.

I encouraged her to move forward and take the sure thing rather than wait on something that may or may not happen.  She had other good reasons for moving forward but the uncertainty about another new and improved tax incentive was holding her up.

If you are waiting on a bigger better more profitable tax incentive, you may loose out!  There is only a short window of time left to be able to receive this incentive.  If you have not owned a home in the last three years, you qualify.

Call me today to tell you more.  Let’s go find you a home and get you the tax incentive money!  Nancy – 405-921-8449.