Are you afraid of heights?  Not physically, but spiritually?  I’ve had a revelation that as a person’s faith grows they are reaching new heights in their walk with God and their trust in Him. As obvious as that statement may seem, please bear with me.

I’ll ask you again.  Are you afraid of heights?  Does the thought of believing for something lofty, a goal, a dream or anything beyond the norm, fill you with fear?  When you see others with great faith, are you struck with envy that they are at a place you can’t seem to go?  Does the thought of venturing out on territory unknown cause you to run toward the comfort zone of the familiar?

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to sharpen iron and to take each others hand and help each other ‘up’.  When I reach out to take your hand to help you ‘up’, don’t cringe back in fear of where I am and where I am going.  It may require leaving some things behind.  Old thoughts, old behaviours and old actions.  But leaving those things behind will certainly make the trip easier and it is well worth it.

I am thankful for my faith and trust in God.  I’ve been told many times that I have such huge faith and hearing statements like that has always caused me to stop and consider what they are saying.  It is not something I think about or even take credit for.  It is simply the result of years of daily adhering to, trusting in and relying on God for each and every detail of my life and then seeing Him perform wonderful mighty deeds on my behalf.  Not because of my perfection, which I am far from, but because of His love and faithfulness to those who believe.

MountainsAfter a lifetime of walking with God, I suppose I am pretty far up the spiritual mountain.  I got here a day, moment, at a time.  When I reach down to help you ‘up’ to where I am, please don’t cringe back in fear of the unknown.  The air is clear up here and I have further yet to climb.  Will you go with me?