Hello everyone!  Rick and I have been away on the most wonderful vacation!  We have had an incredible year in the Oklahoma Real Estate market.  To us, there was no recession, for which we are very thankful!  Our business changed, our clientele changed, and our marketing methods changed, but our business still grew and continues to grow!

When we considered taking a vacation we were very concerned.  We have gotten so busy that we did not want to neglect any of our clients.  But, we knew that getting away would not only benefit us, but them!  We have come back refreshed and eager to serve.  And, thanks to our dear friend and Realtor, Beverly Fulcher also with Paradigm AdvantEdge in Edmond, our clients were well taken care of while we were gone.

Now that we are back, give us a call, send us an email or text!  We would love to serve you!