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The Oklahoma City and Edmond areas are bursting with new homes and additions.   Some families want to build a custom home to fit their own needs, styles, and tastes.

I started writing a step by step process as a guide help someone to custom build.  I was going for a simple step by step document.  Something like Custom Build Your Home for Dummies.  I didn’t like the idea of referring clients to dummies.  Besides, there already is a book with a similar name for $13.59.

As I started writing the procedure out, it soon became clear that there are so many variables that it was somewhat mind boggling.  The bottom line is it depends on each prospect’s circumstances, the cooperation of the Builder, and the location.  It’s not a difficult process and is done one step at a time.

You can either have an architect design your dream home, or start looking at new homes on the market.  If you go with an architect, it will most likely cost more, and be hard to visualize the finished home until completion.  It will have to fit on the lot of your choice and meet Home Owner’s Association guidelines.


Builders are already building new homes that you will probably like a lot without changing much.  Find some homes that you really like and think about what you might want changed.  This way you will have seen the finished home, lacking only the magic of your own modifications.  Most builders don’t have a problem with design changes as long as they are structurally sound.  If the changes are minor it may not even cost any more.  Some upgrades can be left off to save you money that you can use for a larger kitchen, dining room, or study.  On the changes that are more extreme, the Builder will be able to give price quotes.

Some builders want a large deposit if you custom build your home in a way that varies from their original plan.  Builders have to be careful not to build a home that can’t be sold if you for some reason don’t qualify at the time of the closing, or act of God changes the final outcome.  If you start working with a builder with a house they have already started, and your changes are minor, the larger deposit is usually not necessary.

My simple solution for custom building your own home, is find a Realtor that can guide you through the process.  A Realtor that works well with builders, and is qualified to give you a comparative market analysis for the area that you want to build in.  If you own your current home, you will probably want to use a Realtor to sell it anyway.

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