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Is now the time to buy a home in 2013?

Is it time to buy a home in 2013?  The Oklahoma City area market has had over a 20 percent decrease in available homes on the market.  The really nice used homes are getting multiple offers if priced correctly.  It's the same for Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, and especially the Moore area.  The mortgage interest rates are increasing slowly.  No one can really predict where it's going.

Rates on home mortgages surged to the highest level in close to two years last week as the recent sell off in the bond market after the Federal Reserve laid out a plan to wind-down its massive stimulus program drove borrowing rates higher.  This happened just because the Federal Reserve mentioning that quantitative easing program could pull back by the end of the year had an effect on rates.

Yes, many of you have bought homes with interest rates as high as 18%,  However, I can remember in 2007 when buyers were watching and waiting for the rates to dip below 6.5%.

The bottom line is, today you can still lock in a loan with many lenders at a great rate,  So if your selling a home, don't miss a great time to get the best price for your home.  If you buying a home, or going to custom build a home, don't look back a year from now and realize that opertunity knocked, and you told it to go away.

Potential Buyers still have plenty of time to get with a lender, correct any credit issues, and get locked into a good rate.  While your doing that, connect with a Realtor that knows your market and ask them how they can help you.

Potential Sellers might want to think about the increase of buyers and the demand of homes due to the decrease in inventory.

The last few years have been a great time to buy.  We made our move and glad we did.

If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

Rick  and Nancy Jackson


1300 N.W. 189th Homes for Sale

Late this summer they put down the curbs to a new street in the Barrington Addition in N.W. Oklahoma City.  Looking into the future, this street will soon have new homes on both sides. Since this post, the street has been paved.  Things are happening really fast. Click HERE for homes currently for Sale. 

The Barrington Neighborhood offers large lots and homes starting at $300,000 with very low HOA dues.  Barrington is also located in the Edmond School District with several private schools near by.


In fact, they are starting at 1300 N.W. 190th also.  Many of the homes in the Barrington Addition are Energy Efficient Green Homes. 

When Barrington is complete, it will accommodate around 204 homes and look like the picture below on taken from 1300 N.W. 186th.


Rick and Nancy Jackson


Oklahoma City Tap Water

Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust won the annual "Best of the Best" Tap Water Tasted Test in 2013.  This was announced at the American Water Works Association annual conference in Denver, CO , June 11,2013.

According to the AWWA press release, The Oklahoma City Utilities Trust delivers to more than 200,000 homes and businesses in Oklahoma City and other communities.  This is the second time the utility company has won the title of "The Best of the Best".

Oklahoma City Employees make sure the 3,000 plus miles of water pipeline underneath our city keep the water flowing to your home or business.

Below is fun little test to see what you know about your drinking water provided by the City of Oklahoma Utilities.



Thanks for reading!

Rick and Nancy


Custom Built Homes in Edmond OK

It's simple to get into a custom built home in the Edmond area.  Below are some of the first steps.  The excitement intensifies as these steps are taken.

The First Steps

Get a qualified lender and work out how you should close. Some builders can take up to year to complete your home after you have signed off on the Plans. If you own a home and need to sell it, fix it up and get it on the market as soon as possible. It may be possible you can lease your old home when your new one is finished.

Pick your area and decide what type of home you want. Get a Realtor to assist or help you compare property values and locate a builder that suites you needs. There are many developments and lots for sale in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, Mustang, and Yukon area.

Lot prices are large factor in home cost. Not all builders can build in all developments. Also consider your HOA dues. But your new home will probably be more energy efficient and your'e savings could be considerable. Especially if your going from a split level home to a single level plan. A lot of new homes have zoned temperature where you have the ability to control the area that you frequent the most. Ask your Realtor to show you some of the latest and greatest homes just to get a feel for what your looking for.

When you have picked a spot, your Realtor will help you find a builder who can build in that area, show you some of the builders homes, help you through the paperwork, stay in touch with the builder, and be with you all the way through inspections until the time of closing. Just tell us what you're looking for and where to look. We want to help you any way we can.

The first action toward moving in to your custom built home is signing off on the paper work. Put up a little earnest money to motivate the builder to get his first draw.

Next the architects work with the contractors to get the slab poured and all the utility connections in the correct spot.

Then the wood starts going on and soon it has a roof and a driveway. Now you start getting interested and exited. The builder has given you deadlines to decide on materials, colors, and last minute decorations options.

Residential Generators

Keeping your generator healthy and ready for emergency power loss is something that is easy to forget or put off until it’s too late.Residental Generators

Recently during a power outage, I stepped outside and heard a couple of generators running in our Edmond neighborhood. Many systems come on line automatically via an automatic transfer switch during the loss of power from the electric company. This is a luxury that also can keep medical equipment running as well as preserving perishable items in freezers and refrigerators when one is not at home. However, if it has not been serviced, the backup power source may fail or even damage itself.

All generators need to be maintained whether they are automatic or manual. During a blizzard or the middle of the night is not a good time to have to work on your generator. Consult your operator’s manual or a factory authorized Service Company for preventive maintenance program.

If you have purchased a home that has a generator, research your product and gather all the information you can to insure it will perform as designed. A quick web search will often provide service manuals, local service companies, and parts supply sources for your product. Follow the manufactures instructions on maintenance intervals as well as load tests. Keep a record of maintenance, and don’t be caught in the dark wishing you had a healthy generator.

Rick  and Nancy


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The Preserves at Pine Creek in Edmond

There are a lot of nice neighborhoods in Edmond Oklahoma.  I attribute a lot of the beauty to the unique real estate and large trees.  unlike some other cities, The Preserve at Pine Creek Subdivisionthe outskirts of Edmond have not been over built with business and small homes on small lots for the most part.

CLICK HERE to see homes for sale in the Preserves at Pine Creek.

About one mile north of the Fairfax Golf Club on Sooner Road is a little subdivision named The Preserve At Pine Creek.  This little addition is only a few minutes west of I-35.  It is heavily wooded with rolling hills. 

There are about 26 homes located in The Preserve At Pine Creek that are over 4,000 square feet with large trees in the yards and wonderful landscaping.  The smaller lots are about 1.33 acres.  The subdivision appears to have a north and a south area separated by a greenbelt.  Imagine going outside and not being able to see your neighbor’s home.  The streets are paved and very well routed.

The Preserve At Pine Creek is only one of the many wonderful subdivisions in the north Edmond area.  I seem to find a new one every day.  If you’re looking for a home near a wonderful City, but want the peace and quiet of the country, locations such as The Preserve At Pine Creek could be a perfect fit for you.  There are currently 2 properties for sale in this area.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

We love telling about our community.

Rick Jackson

Dreams Do Come True

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Large Oklahoma Homes and Wi-Fi

Wireless internet has become a common household product. But what about large homes or home with buildings that are so distant that wireless routers won’t do the job? With homes getting larger and larger, and FCC limits on wireless devises, someone had to invent a better mouse trap.

Having experience a problem with large coverage, I had read about second routers used as repeaters. The original signal goes in, and the repeating function of the router sends the signal back out. The more I read, the more complicated the options sounded.

Then the other day, I found a device called a Wi-Fi extender. I read a little about the product and since it seemed to be priced reasonable, I decided to give it try.

I brought the little thing home and plugged it up and within minutes had it configured. I placed it a little over half way across are home from our main router. It worked well on our smart phones and laptops. Now I can connect to the internet in the garage or from the patio.

I did more research and found that some people actually place several of these around their home and outdoor buildings. You can also plug a cat 5 into the wireless extender if you don’t have a Wi-Fi card on your computer making it easy to move your work station where you may need it.

As far as security, I suggest you consult the manufacturer of the product. They are programmable with a WEP that is the same as your main router.

Dreams Do Come True

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Jones Oklahoma

While going to an appointment the other day, I made a wrong turn and found myself going through Jones, OK. I have been to Jones several times, but this early morning trip gave me a new perspective on the community of Jones.

I researched the town of Jones when I got back to my office but didn’t find a lot of information. So I’m just going to describe the little town located northwest of Oklahoma City the best I can.

Jones school system does offer education from grades K-12. The school mascot name is the Longhorns.

What I like about Jones is the events that are held in this historic town. This summer starting October the 6th, 2012, Old Timer’s Day will began. Saturday morning will kick of the day with family fun and activities such as a parade, cake and pie contest, the cutest pet contest, cutest baby, longest hay bale throw, lawnmower races, and arm wrestling competition. There will even be a kiss the pig contest.

Then on Sunday, at the Arthur Stoner Memorial Arena, the Old Timers Rodeo will be held.

Don’t let the above description cause you to think that Jones doesn’t keep up with the times. While driving up Main Street, I saw a very nice walking trail with a large lake and plenty of joggers out enjoying the cool Oklahoma morning.

If you’re ever in the area, drop by and check it out. You will meet some of the most friendly people in the world at Jones Oklahoma.

Rick Jackson


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Selling your own home

By now most of us have heard that the housing market is getting a little better in the Oklahoma City area, as well as in many other locations across the United States. I have talked to many individuals in the last few weeks that are ready to put their home on the market without using a broker.

As a property owner, I can understand wanting to avoid paying a commission to save money while selling your home. We wish you the best if you have decided to sell your home without professional help. As a licensed realtor in the State of Oklahoma, I would like to mention some facts that someone encouraging a “For Sale by Owner” might not have considered.

Listing your home for a price that will attract those looking for the type of real estate you have to offer is the key to a quick sale. With the volume of homes on the Multi Listing System, pricing your home competitively is very important.

Marketing your home is also important in order to reach a wider range of people. Merely placing a sign in the yard and putting an ad on Craig’s List will not necessarily reach the audience that you would expect. Do you have a way to reach outside of your area to those relocating? Today there are 3,340 active licensed realtors in Oklahoma County. Many realtors have dozens of potential buyers. They probably will not show your home if you are not paying a commission even if they know about it.

Screening potential buyers is another challenge in your day–to–day quest to finally accept the contract for your home. We receive many requests about properties from those who do not qualify for financing. Many prospective buyers are several months (or even longer) away from being financially approved to purchase a home.   

With all this being said I have two questions for you: How did you find the home you’re selling? How will you find your next home?

Rick and Nancy Jackson


There are many pros and cons when it comes selling your home, with or without a realtor. No one can make one of your biggest decisions for you. The point of this post is to offer insight that may benefit you in some way.

Navigating through Oklahoma Real Estate

Dreams Do Come True is a very comprehensive and dynamic website designed to help those interested in Edmond and Oklahoma City real estate. The website is orchestrated to the highest quality for those relocating to the Oklahoma City area from other states, as well as first time buyers and investors, and is easily navigated by going to the home page and clicking on the topic that most suits your needs. The website works well on all browser platforms, as well as mobile applications.

Included in the content you will find buying procedures, optional purchases, and selling techniques having to do with real estate. Each titled link opens a new page with content pertaining to the title. Also provided free of charge is an MLS Search page. This can be used to search Oklahoma County and the surrounding areas for all homes that are on the market. It is a live search provided by the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors which shows current prices along with photographs of homes listed through a brokerage. The contact boxes request no personal information. They exist only for your benefit to provide the information you wish us to have. We hope that you will feel comfortable communicating with us.

The Dreams Do Come True blog also contains neighborhood information assembled through our personal experiences while living in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area. Your comments are welcome.

Dreams Do Come True is waiting to make your dreams come true .


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5 or 10 acres of land for sale in Oklahoma City

5 or 10 acres in Oklahoma City to build on.  Several times a year I hear this request, or someone get’s this idea or dream.

It’s a good idea, but it’s not always practical.  A lot of the smaller acreages in Oklahoma City have been purchased and zoned commercial.  Other vacant land owners are holding out until they can get commercial prices.

I just performed a vacant land search and was a little amazed at what I found.  I actually found 10 listings that were a minimum of 5 acres for under $50,000.  Out of these 10 listings I found 2 that were 10 acres out by Choctaw.  In fact, even though I did an Oklahoma City search, I’m not real sure a lot of these listings are actually in Oklahoma City at all.

Most of these listings being in unplatted areas, a buyer will probably have to drill a water well and provide septic waste systems.  Drive way expense is another cost to consider.  Electricity may be another expense.

Developers have been buying up the land closest to downtown Oklahoma City for years.  A lot of them have worked with builders and nice neighborhoods have been established and provided homes for many families Oklahoma City.  New areas of development continue to pop up further and further each direction from down town.  However 5 or 10 acres in the Oklahoma City boundaries are getting far and few between. If you need help finding a few acres in the Oklahoma City or surrounding area, feel free to contact us.  We will use all the resources available to help you find what you are looking for.  As I stated earlier, there are a few acres on the market.  There is also a selection in the Yukon, Mustang, Newcastle, and Piedmont areas.  We know builders too that can build your home.  As Realtors, we do a lot more than just help buy and sell homes.  We enjoy research and invite a challenge to overcome.

By: Rick and Nancy Jackson


Stressing over buying or selling your home?

If you are in the buying or selling process of a real estate transaction, and are a little stressed, don't feel alone.  This is hard for a lot of us.  The fear of the unknown, or misinterpreting how things will work are constantly consuming a lot of us going through the process.

A real estate transaction has a lot of mechanics running in the back ground.  Always feel free to consult your realtor about any concerns you may have.  Also one of the key factors is financing.  Staying in contact with a good lender should give you the peace of mind that you need.

Worrying that you may not enjoy your new home is another sign of stress.  You can worry your home won't sell for the amount you need.  You can worry about inspections. You can worry you are paying too much.  You can worry until you make yourself sick.

Sometimes there is a point to back up and rethink your strategies, but don't stress.  Buying or selling a home can be a mixture of fun also.  When you finally get an offer you can accept or write an offer that is accepted and get through closing, the feeling is indescribable.  We have seen a lot of happy tears.  Seeing home owners and sellers achieve their goals and accomplish a move is a much bigger reward than the income we receive as realtors.

If your stressing about buying or selling a home in the Oklahoma City Metro or Edmond area, contact us today. We won't stress you out, and believe you will feel better after talking to us.  If you were worried about your health, you would call your doctor?


Rick and Nancy Jackson

 Dreams Can come True


Oklahoma City Homes for Sale

Oklahoma City homes for sale can still be found to fit your needs.  Prices are at a motivational point to inspire a lot of us who have been waiting for the right moment toOklahoma City Homes for Sale buy.  Interest rates are very low to go along with a housing market that has held up well through a very tough time in our country's economy.  However, the price of renting has taken off to a new level.  Many are spending much more money per month for rent than mortgage payments would be.

Now the word on the street is that lenders may be allowed to loosen up on potential home buyers and I think this will cause a drop in inventory in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area. Then we will start to see the market go the other way.  Even at this time there is not an abundance of housing available for buyers who want to keep their payments under $1000 per month.  I feel that soon these homes will get even harder to find and we will start to see more people who want to sell, put their homes on the market.

Yes, it has to turn around sooner or later.  The questions are:  Will you be able to find the home your wanting before the prices start to rise?  Have you worked with a lender to see if you qualify, and what you can afford?  Are interest rates going to stay low or start back up into the 6%interest rates or even higher?  Have you even saved some money to put toward a down payment should you want to purchase.

Buying a home is not like buying a car. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people make.  It's your shelter, it's you little piece of the American Dream.

If you need help or have any questions about home ownership, or selling your home, feel free to contact us.  We want you to know as much about your possibilities as you can to make the best decision for you and your family.

Dreams do still come true.  We hope your living yours today.


Rick and Nancy Jackson


Cherokee Crossings, New addtions in Warr Acres, OK

From the Desk of Dreams Do Come True 

Cherokee Crossing is new addition to the Greater Oklahoma City Community located in Warr Acres City limits is a welcomed site to see.  This is going to be a great little neighborhood just off of Northwest Expressway and east of Meridian.  It is in the Putnam City Schools district.  Just minutes a way from some of your favorite restaurants and shopping malls.

The houses are just now getting started and there are still many lots to choose from.  

There will be a community pool and play ground with very low HOA dues.

Several builders are already building and selling homes and this area will not last long.  This a great area for a new neighborhood not far from the Wiley Post Airport, but far enough that the planes won't be noticed.  

  Also, just minutes away from Lake Hefner, there are lots of outdoor things to do without having to drive a long distance. 

  The Kilpatrick Turnpike is just few miles west, and the Hefner Parkway is just east a few miles.  The neighborhood is about 15 minutes from some of the best Medical facilities in the state, and Penn Square Mall is just a quick drive.







Contact us today to see these homes or find out more information about how you can have your home custom built.  We feel like will be a very peaceful addition with a great view at affordable pricing.  It should also hold up well as the Greater Oklahoma City Area Develops.  HOA dues are currently $100 annually until the pool is finished and they will be raised to just $200 per year.

Written by: Rick and Nancy Jackson


Disadvantage of emailing your realtor

The Oklahoma City Housing Market is great, especially for buyers. Recently I became concerned about the amount of communication between our clients via email. A few days ago, when Nancy and I misinterpreted a conversation among ourselves, it suddenly became clear that email can be misleading and misunderstood, even if both parties are being very accurate.  For one thing, you can be distracted by a matter at hand while writing or reading an email.  People also sense a certain tone of an email that may not be accurate.  Email, even though it can a lot of times be convenient, can take a lot longer to work through a question or a situation, than just picking up a phone and calling.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator.  I have spent many hours with people all over the world talking.  Getting pertinent facts in a short time is part of the hobby.  Amateur radio is also used for emergencies and has to be carried out in a certain fashion to insure the best results.  I have participated in some of the worst tornadoes in the Oklahoma using Amateur (Ham) radio.  The tasks achieved could not have been performed using email.

If I can't have a face to go along with a conversation, I would much more prefer a voice.  I'm thinking that lot of our clients are just afraid to pick up the phone and call.  Maybe they don't want to bother us because they think we don't have time for them, or maybe they just fear talking to a Realtor. 

TelecommunicationI use email for my personal use quiet often, but it's usually just to stay in touch with someone.  When I really want to obtain information quickly, or buy something, I will pick up the phone and call.  A couple of minutes later, I will have a lot more clarity of my situation.  Sometimes I get voice mail, but if I leave a good message with a reliable person or company, I will get a call back and that person will provide information just as fresh as when I left the message.

Much more ground can be covered by voice communication than email.  It can be covered quickly with more accuracy.  If your working with a Realtor via email and have never talked to them, pick up the phone, call them, and just say hello.  Confirm you appreciate the information you have been receiving and do a quick recap of your situation.  You will feel better about yourself and get to know your agent better.

We love our clients and want to the best job we can for them.  We want to use the best tools available.  I hope you can relate to what I've just written.

Best wishes,

Rick Jackson

Dreams Do Come True

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