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Is now the time to buy a home in 2013?

Is it time to buy a home in 2013? The Oklahoma City area market has had over a 20 percent decrease in available homes on the market. The really nice used homes are getting multiple offers if priced correctly. It's the same for Edmond , Yukon , Piedmont,

1300 N.W. 189th Homes for Sale

Late this summer they put down the curbs to a new street in the Barrington Addition in N.W. Oklahoma City. Looking into the future, this street will soon have new homes on both sides. Since this post, the street has been paved. Things are happening really

Oklahoma City Tap Water

Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust won the annual "Best of the Best" Tap Water Tasted Test in 2013. This was announced at the American Water Works Association annual conference in Denver, CO , June 11,2013. According to the AWWA press release,

Residential Generators

Keeping your generator healthy and ready for emergency power loss is something that is easy to forget or put off until it’s too late . Recently during a power outage, I stepped outside and heard a couple of generators running in our Edmond neighborhood

The Preserves at Pine Creek in Edmond

There are a lot of nice neighborhoods in Edmond Oklahoma . I attribute a lot of the beauty to the unique real estate and large trees. unlike some other cities, the outskirts of Edmond have not been over built with business and small homes on small lots

Jones Oklahoma

While going to an appointment the other day, I made a wrong turn and found myself going through Jones, OK. I have been to Jones several times, but this early morning trip gave me a new perspective on the community of Jones. I researched the town of Jones

Selling your own home

By now most of us have heard that the housing market is getting a little better in the Oklahoma City area , as well as in many other locations across the United States. I have talked to many individuals in the last few weeks that are ready to put their

5 or 10 acres of land for sale in Oklahoma City

5 or 10 acres in Oklahoma City to build on . Several times a year I hear this request, or someone get’s this idea or dream. It’s a good idea, but it’s not always practical. A lot of the smaller acreages in Oklahoma City have been purchased

Stressing over buying or selling your home?

If you are in the buying or selling process of a real estate transaction, and are a little stressed, don't feel alone. This is hard for a lot of us. The fear of the unknown, or misinterpreting how things will work are constantly consuming a lot of

Oklahoma City Homes for Sale

Oklahoma City homes for sale can still be found to fit your needs. Prices are at a motivational point to inspire a lot of us who have been waiting for the right moment to buy. Interest rates are very low to go along with a housing market that has held

Cherokee Crossings, New addtions in Warr Acres, OK

From the Desk of Dreams Do Com e True Cherokee Crossing is new addition to the Greater Oklahoma City Community located in Warr Acres City limits is a welcomed site to see. This is going to be a great little neighborhood just off of Northwest Expressway